Images of 2018

Happy holidays everyone! As I do every year in December, I bring you this collection of personal favourites from the past year.  I wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2019!



“Autumn Symmetry” – Enderby, BC

“Weather the Storm” – Enderby, BC

“Power” – Albas Falls, BC

“The Simple Life” – Enderby, BC

“The Depths of Winter” – Enderby, BC

“The Clearing” – Enderby, BC

“Your Table is Wading” – Enderby, BC

“Sky Dancer” – Enderby, BC

“Lavender Twist” – Enderby, BC

“Depth Perception” – Enderby, BC

“The Citrus Storm” – Enderby, BC

“Surreality” – Mara, BC

“Introducing Paradise” – near Greenwood, BC

“The Grove” – near Mara, BC

“Framing the Joy” – Larch Hills, BC

“Rich in History” – Enderby, BC

“Beneath the Cold” – Enderby, BC

“The Path to Endor” – Mabel Lake, BC

“Collision of Colour”

“Underwater Desert” – Enderby, BC

“One Perfect Autumn” – Enderby, BC

“Forest Fire Night” – Keremeos, BC

“Split Precision” – Enderby, BC

“Colours of Coldstream” – Coldstream, BC

“Gardom Details” – Gardom Lake, BC

“Fuchsia en Masse”

“Photobooth Flashback” – fundraiser for the Enderby & District Museum


Cathie & Tom ~ June 2, 2018

What a gorgeous destination wedding for Cathie & Tom at the Tin Poppy Retreat just north of Enderby, BC! A beautiful day with a beautiful couple. Enjoy these images from their special day. 🙂

Images of 2017

Happy holidays everyone! As I do every year in December, I bring you this collection of personal favourites from the past year. I wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2017!


“Centre of Attention” – Kin Beach, Vernon, BC

“The Break-up” – Kalamalka Lake, Vernon, BC

“Ice Falls” – Sicamous, BC

“Winter Remnants” – Enderby, BC

“Shape and Colour” – Enderby, BC

“Ol’ Reliable” – Kalamalka Lake, Vernon, BC

“Aglow II” – Enderby, BC

“Mountain Clarity” – Three Valley Gap, BC

“Field of Dreams” – Salmon Arm, BC

“Invasive Beauty” – Sunnybrae, BC

“The Day Ahead” – Echo Lake, BC

“The Phoenix” – Enderby, BC

“Shuswap Symmetry” – Grindrod, BC

“Wading into Paradise” – Mabel Lake, BC

“Saddle Lake” – Grand Forks, BC

“Matching Colours” Bridesville, BC

“Love and Lavender” – Summerland, BC

“Moses Falls” – Revelstoke, BC

“The Light of Spring” – Mara, BC

“Vanessa Vineyards” – Cawston, BC

“Two Sides” – Enderby, BC

“Curious Local” – Bridesville, BC

“Love on a Rock” – Ashton Creek, BC

“Wedding Day” – Enderby, BC

“Endless Flame” – Enderby, BC

“Similkameen Green” – Princeton, BC

“Inversion” – North Okanagan Valley, BC

“Jewel of Summer” – Kentucky Alleyne, BC

“A Midnight Walk” – E.C. Manning Provincial Park, BC

“Lightning Lake” – E.C. Manning Provincial Park, BC

“Welcome to Summerland” – Summerland, BC

“Rivers Day” – Enderby, BC

“Northern Okanagan Lights” – Enderby, BC

“Last Glow of 2017” – Enderby, BC


Chelsea & Ryan

I had the privilege and honour of photographing the wedding of Chelsea and Ryan in one of my favourite areas of British Columbia – Summerland. The venue was La Punta Norte and it was my first time shooting a wedding at this beautiful Okanagan destination.

The smoke from more than a hundred surrounding forest fires in BC and Washington State had been hovering in the Okanagan for a couple of weeks before the wedding, and it didn’t let up for the big day. Although this smokey reality proved a bit challenging for me (and anyone with breathing sensitivities), the wedding was an extraordinarily beautiful occasion and I wish Chelsea and Ryan all the best on their journey together, as one.

Images of 2016

Here is my collection of favourites from the past year. I wish you all a very wonderful holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2017!


1) “Aglow” – The iconic Enderby Cliffs light up as a winter’s day comes to a close


2) “Sovereign” – Enjoying some incredible conditions at Sovereign Lake, Vernon, BC


3) “Day Break” – Ringing in the new year atop Silver Star Mountain, overlooking Vernon, BC


4) “Inversion” – Otherworldly scene featuring inversion clouds blanketing Vernon, BC


5) “Swansea Point” – Lovely creek pours into Mara Lake near Sicamous, BC


6) “The Rock” – Mara Lake near Sicamous, BC


7) “Sweeping” – Early spring hits the Shuswap, Enderby, BC


8) “Fire Hills Pt.1” – Evening sky lights up over Enderby, BC


9) “Idyllic” – a perfect afternoon fly fishing Mabel Lake near Lumby, BC


10) “Two Suns, One Oasis” – Spring at McGuire Lake in Salmon Arm, BC


11) “202” – Long exposure at dusk over the Shuswap river in Enderby, BC


12) “Sunnybrae Selfie” – Shuswap Lake in the spring near Salmon Arm, BC


13) “Fire Hills Pt. 2” – Another amazing sky unfolds over Enderby, BC


14) “Stand Tall” – One of my favourite trees overlooking the Shuswap River, Enderby, BC


15)”Moments Like These” – Surreal evening on the Shuswap River, Enderby, BC


16) “Bitten” – Battling mosquitos along a swollen Shuswap River in Enderby, BC


17) “Swallowtail” – Zooming in on a smaller world, Enderby, BC


18) “Rock Blossoms” – Ellison Provincial Park near Vernon, BC


19) “Motherhood” – Okanagan Lake near Vernon, BC


20) “Tenacity” – Surviving the odds on Shuswap Lake near Blind Bay, BC


21) “Bursting” – Spring in full bloom at Swan Lake, Vernon, BC


22) “River Art” – Sand patterns along the Shuswap River, Enderby, BC


23) “Belvidere Sky” – Enderby, BC


24) “A Seat in the Shuswap” – Near Salmon Arm, BC


25) “The Ramp” – View of Sicamous, BC from the gliding ramp


26) “Sky Melt” – Unusual cloud formations over the Shuswap River in Enderby, BC


27) “Rainbow Pasta” – Ashton Creek, BC


28) “A Vibrant Shuswap” – Enderby, BC


29) “Phoenix” – Vertical panning last year’s devastating fire at Kettle River Provincial Park near Westbridge, BC


30) “Similkameen Sizzle” – near Cawston, BC


31) “Farm Life” – Keremeos, BC

Farming 9, Keremeos, Similkameen, summer, activities, Darren Robinson

32) “Summer’s End” – Skimikin Lake near Salmon Arm, BC


33) “The Tune of Autumn” – Fall scene along the Shuswap River, Enderby, BC


34) “New Horizons” – A first visit for me to Wallenteen Lake near Salmon Arm, BC


35) “Fall on Fortune” – Spallumcheen, BC


36) “On the Edge of Paradise” – Kalamalka Lake, Vernon, BC


37) “Autumn Road” – Spallumcheen, BC


38) “Cotton Candy Shuswap” – Enderby, BC


39) “November Tree” – Kalamalka Lake, Vernon, BC


40) “Christmas Magic” – Wonderful winter scene to end the year


40 Favourites from 2015

Aside from summer, spring and fall, winter just happens to be my favourite of all the seasons. 🙂

Kidding aside, once winter arrives, I do start to “warm up” to its special attributes. Oddly enough, I love shoveling snow. I also adore being out exploring frozen creeks and waterfalls after a fresh snowfall. Most of all, I enjoy it because this is the time of year I get to reflect on the past twelve months and relive some of my favourite photos and photo moments. I hope you enjoy these 40 Favourites from 2015 and I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas season and a happy and healthy 2016!


1. Beginnings (my first image of 2015! Enderby, BC)

DSC_5464 (fb)

2. Among the Kin Giants (Vernon, BC)

DSC_3073 (fb)

3.  From Light to Dark (Stitched Pano – Enderby, BC)

Untitled_Panorama1 (fb)

4.  The Good Life (Gardom Lake, near Salmon Arm, BC)

DSC_6455 (fb)

5.  Fields of Love (Enderby, BC)

DSC_5803 (fb)

6.  Blood Moon Rising (Enderby, BC)

DSC_2213 (fb)

7.  Awake (Lightning Lake, E.C. Manning Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_5181 (fb)

8.   A Vivid Shuswap Dream (Canoe, BC)

DSC_2979 (fb)

9.   A Tale of Good Fortune (Fortune Creek, Armstrong, BC)

DSC_2297 (fb)

10.  The Fire Burns On (Enderby, BC)

DSC_6387 (fb)

11.  Blurton It Out (Blurton Creek, Mara, BC)

DSC_3614 (fb)

12.  Atop the Similkameen (Keremeos, BC)

Pincushion Mountain 14, Keremeos, summer, Similkameen, hiking, Darren Robinson

13.  Voltage (Enderby, BC)

DSC_9937 (fb)

14.  The Cave (Moul Falls, Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_7649 BEST (fb)

15.  A Riverwalk Icon (Enderby, BC)

DSC_7939 (fb)

16.  Sweeping Winter Glow (Enderby, BC)

DSC_5601 (fb)

17.  Moments Like This (Gardom Lake, near Salmon Arm, BC)

DSC_6999 (fb)

18.  At Peace with the Way of the World (Vernon, BC)

DSC_3096 (fb)

19.  Head in the Clouds (Enderby, BC)

DSC_5514 (fb)

20.  Space Bullet (Echo Lake, BC)

DSC_8606 (fb)

21.  The Thunder Rolls (Moul Falls, Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_7620 (fb)

22.  Moonstruck (Enderby, BC)

DSC_6960 (fb)

23.  Clarity (Kalmalka Lake, Vernon, BC)

DSC_2601 (fb)

24.  Sands of Time (Enderby, BC)

DSC_6481 (fb)

25.  First in Colour (Enderby, BC)

DSC_6974 (fb)

26.  Time. Long Gone (Enderby, BC)

DSC_5482 (fb)

27.  Summer Dreaming (E.C. Manning Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_5083 (fb)

28.  End of the Double Rainbow (Enderby, BC)

DSC_3608 (fb2)

29.  Rust to Dust (Mara, BC)

DSC_8177 (fb)

30.  Ol’ Reliable (Helmcken Falls, Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_7766 (fb)

31.  Dance in the Shuswap (Canoe, BC)

DSC_6298 (fb)

32.  Happy Hikers (Summerland, BC)

DSC_6533 (fb)

33.  A Winter Tale of Good Fortune (Fortune Creek, Armstrong, BC)

DSC_3775 (fb)

34.  Crayons to Crescent Moons (Enderby, BC)

DSC_6899 (fb)

35.  A Summer Lost (Vernon, BC)

DSC_3112 (fb2)

36.  Slow and Steady Wins (Derek Falls, E.C. Manning Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_5252 (fb)

37.  Full Glow (Enderby, BC)

DSC_3503 (fb)

38.  Echoes (Echo Lake, BC)

DSC_8465 (fb)

39.  The Hoarder (E.C. Manning Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_9859 (fb)

40.  We’re on the Family Plan (My family, Vancouver, BC)

DSC_2331 (fb)

Images of 2014

As I’ve done in years gone by, here are my favourite images from 2014. I’ve had some truly amazing experiences this year and I’m so thankful to God for every blessing He provides. I hope you enjoy this collection!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!


Fields of Gold – Enderby, BC


Shuswap Lake, Sunnybrae, BC


Okanagan Lake, Vernon, BC


Scottish Highland Cattle, near Enderby, BC


Creek spills into Mara Lake, near Sicamous, BC


The Cliffs and a rainbow, Enderby, BC


Hole in the Wall, Coquihalla Lakes area, BC


Sitting on the dock, Shuswap Lake, Sunnybrae, BC


Shadows and springtime giants, Enderby, BC


Salmon, Huihill Creek, Roderick-Haig Brown Provincial Park, near Chase, BC


Kay Falls, near Sicamous, BC


The Fire Goblin – face in the cloud following a sweeping rain in Enderby, BC


Water Picnic – a very high Shuswap River, Enderby, BC.


The Eagle Tree, near Enderby, BC


Where’s the human? Similkameen River, near Keremeos, BC


Drama unfolds over Enderby, BC


Shuswap RIver and Enderby Cliffs during a spring sunset, Enderby, BC


Top of the Cliffs, Enderby, BC


Moon rise over the Similkameen River, Hedley, BC


Light at the end of the tunnel, Canoe, BC


Rustic among the new, near Lumby, BC


The Lagoon, Blanket Creek Provincial Park, near Revelstoke, BC


Lost in the woods, Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park, near Merritt, BC


Wharf and summer foliage along Shuswap Lake, Salmon Arm, BC


Sisters. Gardom Lake, between Enderby and Salmon Arm, BC


Shuswap River, near Lumby, BC


Hiker basks in the majestic beauty of Manning Provincial Park, BC


Colourful winter, Spallumcheen, BC


Shuswap River, Enderby, BC


Summer’s best, Harker’s Organics, Cawston, BC


Scottish Highland Cattle, near Enderby, BC