Photography Workshops ~ Real Estate and Architecture

Join me for this insightful workshop devoted to real estate and architectural photography. Whether you are a professional realtor, or just aspiring to learn how to showcase your own home, you will gain the skills necessary to elevate your imagery through these fun, informative and fully customizable workshops.

Workshops range from 2-5 hours in length. Topics of instruction may include essential gear, camera modes, set dressing and detailing, understanding light and exposure, composition, perspectives, image processing, and more!

Get your entire real estate office involved! Managers, set your team up for success by providing them with the knowledge they need to best showcase their property listings. This could be the team-building event your group has been waiting for!

Workshops are classroom and presentation based and are best delivered in group environments. For independent realtors, contact me for private instruction options, or to be included in any future group workshops. Rates vary depending on group size and workshop length.

DSC_1479 (fb)

DSC_1601 (fb)

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DSC_0926 (s)


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