The Deep Freeze

So this “Landscape Guy” decided to take another stab at portraiture.

Token Landscape Guy

This time around, I took on a post-Christmas session with the Stathams at Willingdon Beach here in Powell River. Although the lighting was low and cool by the afternoon helping to control the contrast, it was bloody cold out! The real challenge was to keep the models comfortable despite the bone-chilling winter conditions sans snow. They were all great sports about it and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun, even though there was no hiding the discomfort that came over them when we weren’t shooting.

A real bonus was that they are a very good looking bunch, ensuring that my keeper-to-tosser ratio was well in check. A few technical issues with my gear reminded me though that anything can (and likely will) happen during a portrait shoot. The icy chill coming off the water was evidently harder on my gear then it was on the Stathams and I commend them on their spirit.

One of my favourite moments was seeing the family huddled together against the cold while we set up by the water. The love I sensed in this family was real and heartwarming. I discovered at that moment that although there are some real differences between landscape and portraiture photography, there is one striking similarity: it’s all about catching the pinnacle moment. Whether snapping that golden ray of light burst suddenly through the passing storm clouds, or catching that raw emotional reaction to an impromptu kiss on the cheek, it’s all about freezing the magical moment in time in hopes of enjoying it again for years to come.

I wish a very happy new year to all of my friends and clients. Here’s to freezing many more moments in 2011…and fewer freezing moments as winter presses on.