40 Favourites from 2015

Aside from summer, spring and fall, winter just happens to be my favourite of all the seasons. 🙂

Kidding aside, once winter arrives, I do start to “warm up” to its special attributes. Oddly enough, I love shoveling snow. I also adore being out exploring frozen creeks and waterfalls after a fresh snowfall. Most of all, I enjoy it because this is the time of year I get to reflect on the past twelve months and relive some of my favourite photos and photo moments. I hope you enjoy these 40 Favourites from 2015 and I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas season and a happy and healthy 2016!


1. Beginnings (my first image of 2015! Enderby, BC)

DSC_5464 (fb)

2. Among the Kin Giants (Vernon, BC)

DSC_3073 (fb)

3.  From Light to Dark (Stitched Pano – Enderby, BC)

Untitled_Panorama1 (fb)

4.  The Good Life (Gardom Lake, near Salmon Arm, BC)

DSC_6455 (fb)

5.  Fields of Love (Enderby, BC)

DSC_5803 (fb)

6.  Blood Moon Rising (Enderby, BC)

DSC_2213 (fb)

7.  Awake (Lightning Lake, E.C. Manning Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_5181 (fb)

8.   A Vivid Shuswap Dream (Canoe, BC)

DSC_2979 (fb)

9.   A Tale of Good Fortune (Fortune Creek, Armstrong, BC)

DSC_2297 (fb)

10.  The Fire Burns On (Enderby, BC)

DSC_6387 (fb)

11.  Blurton It Out (Blurton Creek, Mara, BC)

DSC_3614 (fb)

12.  Atop the Similkameen (Keremeos, BC)

Pincushion Mountain 14, Keremeos, summer, Similkameen, hiking, Darren Robinson

13.  Voltage (Enderby, BC)

DSC_9937 (fb)

14.  The Cave (Moul Falls, Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_7649 BEST (fb)

15.  A Riverwalk Icon (Enderby, BC)

DSC_7939 (fb)

16.  Sweeping Winter Glow (Enderby, BC)

DSC_5601 (fb)

17.  Moments Like This (Gardom Lake, near Salmon Arm, BC)

DSC_6999 (fb)

18.  At Peace with the Way of the World (Vernon, BC)

DSC_3096 (fb)

19.  Head in the Clouds (Enderby, BC)

DSC_5514 (fb)

20.  Space Bullet (Echo Lake, BC)

DSC_8606 (fb)

21.  The Thunder Rolls (Moul Falls, Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_7620 (fb)

22.  Moonstruck (Enderby, BC)

DSC_6960 (fb)

23.  Clarity (Kalmalka Lake, Vernon, BC)

DSC_2601 (fb)

24.  Sands of Time (Enderby, BC)

DSC_6481 (fb)

25.  First in Colour (Enderby, BC)

DSC_6974 (fb)

26.  Time. Long Gone (Enderby, BC)

DSC_5482 (fb)

27.  Summer Dreaming (E.C. Manning Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_5083 (fb)

28.  End of the Double Rainbow (Enderby, BC)

DSC_3608 (fb2)

29.  Rust to Dust (Mara, BC)

DSC_8177 (fb)

30.  Ol’ Reliable (Helmcken Falls, Wells Grey Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_7766 (fb)

31.  Dance in the Shuswap (Canoe, BC)

DSC_6298 (fb)

32.  Happy Hikers (Summerland, BC)

DSC_6533 (fb)

33.  A Winter Tale of Good Fortune (Fortune Creek, Armstrong, BC)

DSC_3775 (fb)

34.  Crayons to Crescent Moons (Enderby, BC)

DSC_6899 (fb)

35.  A Summer Lost (Vernon, BC)

DSC_3112 (fb2)

36.  Slow and Steady Wins (Derek Falls, E.C. Manning Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_5252 (fb)

37.  Full Glow (Enderby, BC)

DSC_3503 (fb)

38.  Echoes (Echo Lake, BC)

DSC_8465 (fb)

39.  The Hoarder (E.C. Manning Provincial Park, BC)

DSC_9859 (fb)

40.  We’re on the Family Plan (My family, Vancouver, BC)

DSC_2331 (fb)