The Twelve Days of Cliffs-mas

Home is a beautiful thing. In my case, that would be Enderby, British Columbia. Yes, I was born and raised in the big city (Vancouver), and my family still resides there to this day. My precious Canucks are there. The place will always bring back nostalgic memories for me. However, this is home now. And Enderby is a fantastic place to be for many reasons. One of the obvious reasons takes the form of gorgeous volcanic cliffs that tower over the town. The Enderby Cliffs are spectacular any time of year and they are very often the subject of many of my landscape shots.

Here are some of my favourite Cliffs shots from 2013. Merry Christmas and enjoy!

DSC_0220 (fb)

DSC_0548 (fb)

DSC_3523 (fb)

DSC_0794 (fb)

DSC_1046 (fb)


DSC_4374 (fb)

Farm field 4, Enderby, Shuswap, summer, landscape, Darren Robinson

DSC_0646 (fb)

DSC_1301 (fb)

Enderby Cliffs 25, Enderby, Shuswap, fall, landscape, Darren Robinson

DSC_1055 (fb)

DSC_2572 (fb)


2 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Cliffs-mas

  1. It is hard to believe that someone could return to their home province and when asked about the Enderby Cliffs they respond that ‘they weren’t anything to look at’. I live here and I take lots of pictures of the cliffs at various times of the day and season and I never get tired of looking at them. I love your photos and wish mine were as inspiring…. I hope one day to be able to produce such inspiring photos. Thanks for publishing yours on facebook so that we may all enjoy them.

    • You are right Betty, that is hard to believe! The Cliffs are dynamic, they look spectacular in all seasons, and the light, like me, just seems attracted to them. More so, you can climb to the top of them for unforgettable views! I’ll never tire of them.

      Keep shooting and thank you very much for your kind comments, here and on Facebook.


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